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about-usStherb Cosmetics International is now an established and renowned company that is known all over the world for its high-quality products and services that are made available to the users across the globe. It is a company based in Thailand. Apart from goods and services, the company is also known for its commitments and their apt fulfilments towards its associates or partners. Due to same reason, the products made available from the Stherb Company are accepted in more than 30 countries worldwide. Although these products are used by all in various countries around the world however these are particularly popular in countries such as Sweden, China, Malaysia, Japan and Russia as well as some other countries as well.

Attestation and affirmation– The products and services offered by the Stherb Company are attested and affirmed by various organizations. These institutes or organizations include Analycen Sweden and SGS Hong Kong. Even CTFA which stands for Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances Associations based in the United States also approves and guarantees of the products of the company. This association approves and affirms of the manufacturing practices as well as good quality standard of the products of the company.

Future innovations- The products of the Stherb Company are known for their safety and efficacy all over the world. Now company is making efforts to offer its high-quality services in the breast spa. To cater to the unique physical needs as far as breast spa is concerned; Stherb Company has synchronized its effective products as well as physiotherapeautical massage. It is noteworthy that Stherb Breast Spa has already been approved and accepted by Thai Spa Association as well as other international spa associations. This fact helps in ensuring that Stherb offers best services and first-rate products in all its fields of application. It also indicates towards bright future of the company in field of breast Spa as well.

Benefits of Stherb Breast Spa– Breast spa offered by Stherb helps in management of all types of problems associated with the breasts of women. It also helps in enhancing self-confidence of women by ensuring the desired size, shape as well as good health of the breasts.


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