Orgasm Difficulty

God has created man and woman differently. While it is easily understood that a man is satisfied when the sperm is released, it is different for women. Many women face the problem of orgasm difficulty. This is due to lack of understanding the orgasm techniques. Women can experience orgasm by masturbation, mutual masturbation with partner, oral sex or by penetrative sex. A few women may experience climax only while masturbating alone.

There are three types of orgasms, clitoral, g spot and the combination orgasm. First and foremost, you need to understand the requirements of your body. Identify what you enjoy most. You will need to talk to your partner about it openly and clearly. Try out all the three methods to know your preferences. By experimenting and talking to your partner, you will be able to enjoy love making. To be able to talk to one another, you should be at the same wave lengths with each other.

Sex is about giving pleasure and getting pleasure. It should be mutual. Keep the atmosphere in the bedroom live and pleasant. Don't talk about problems and worries in the bedroom. Don't enter into a debacle while making love. Both the partners should relax and completely ready for love making.

Talk to one another, crack a joke and engage in to foreplay. You can tell your partner what arouses you the most. Engage in oral sex. See some movie that would arouse your feelings. Play with each others body. Ask your partner to massage your back. You too can massage your partner's body. This helps in relaxing as well as creates conducive atmosphere for love making. Say sweet nothings in your partner's ears. You should be able to communicate with each other. Go for a long drive and relax, when you come back, both of you will be ready. You can keep light music on in the bed room; this will help in enhancing the mood. Always have a clean and nicely spread bed sheet. Keep the bed room neat and clean. Have some thing arty in the bed room that would arouse both of you.

Just as a man loves a woman who looks good and smells good, a woman also like a man who would smell good, is clean shaven in all the hair growing parts. Maintain personal hygiene. Smelling good would also make each one desirable for the other.

Choose the right type of sex position for different type of orgasms. Try to know which position is best for clitoral, g spot or combination orgasms. All sex positions do not stimulate the same area. The sex position to reach a clitoral orgasm is different from getting a g spot orgasm. Try out various sex positions. Many a times, the sexual act becomes monotonous and lacks thrill. This also gives orgasm difficulty to women.

The orgasm may be reached during intercourse, or the orgasm may be reached before or after the intercourse. Most women find it difficult to experience orgasm during intercourse. When, in bed room, act freely with out taking the tension of orgasm, it is more likely that you will have one.