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Some Penis Squeeze Exercise To Enhance Penis Size

Have you ever know that the increased penis girth is more often than not but more important for your woman's sexual arousal than only increased penis length? And the reason behind it is just because 90% of the total nerve endings in the vaginal area are by within the first 2 inches right of the entrance. So If you are going to make your penis girth really bigger, it can without any doubt enhance your sexual performance.

So the first question is that how you are going to get extra girth? There are some other penis enlargement solutions available in market but the most effective is penis enlargement exercises, that if carried out properly and on consistently, it really can make a much more big difference. Some exercises those are designed to get increase penis length, and for some others to increase total penis girth. The only best exercise to increase actual penis girth is the way of penis squeeze.

Way to do Penis Squeeze Exercise

This particular exercise is the most effective at time of when you having full erection.

Try to grab your penis with the base part - and stay close to your body much as possible - with use of your thumb and index finger . Squeeze really tightly and then you will feel actual blood surging inside it. Be in this position for almost around 30 seconds. Your penis veins should be though bulging.

After that must totally release your grip at your penis , and also shake your penis for around a few seconds. It is almost likely that the blood in this area will leave your penis, and you will thouh become flaccid again. To make your penis with fully erection again, and repeat the exercise. Do this exercise for 3 to 4 times.

It is although possible to make this exercise without a proper full erection, but it also will be less effective, and as there will be more less pressure build up.

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