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Weak erection

A weak erection problem that is caused by insufficient blood flow to the penile sponge-like tissues. And when it doesn't get really a high enough level of blood flow, the penis cannot get expand fully. Also, if the sponge tissues that can't hold the blood this also make to pin down the penis from growing to its full size.

There are a extensive variety of factors that can cause the problem of arteries and veins to get constrict and reduce total blood flow. Notably, smoking and a high fat diet also contribute to the reduction of blood flow. Venous leaking brought onto by a penile injury can therefore keep a penis from holding blood flow, even copiousness flow, and this can also cause really a hard weak erection. There are more several other reasons why a man might suffer from the weak erections; any medications those such as these depression medication, illegal drug usage such as marijuana smoking.

A weak erection is really very unpleasing because the while it is considered to an erection, it is not hard enough to provide the passable stimulation for a sexual partner that also damages self-esteem and confidence. A weak erection can also cause the problem of anxiety that can lead to premature ejaculation, not to mention that the weak erections can be really physically responsible for the premature ejaculation, too. A man he is suffering from this condition will oftenly contract the PC muscles in order to aid into engorging his erection. By doing so, the man will also subject to added pressure and stress on the prostate gland. This added load on the prostate will also cause mimic orgasmic contractions and precum will therefore lubricate the urethra, signifying the inevitable ejaculation.

Remedy for Weak Erection: The main problem with a weak erection is those to dealing with it at home. There are so many other many ways to combat a weak erection. A man can take the male enhancement supplements such as those, Kohinoor Gold Capsules that may really improve the total blood flow to his penis so that his erections will really once again be hard. Kohinoor Gold Capsules will also improve his control overall size, and the girth of his penis. And He can also learn combinations of techniques that really he can use to strengthen and improve his ejaculation control so that he will do it last longer.

If, indeed, you feel that your inability to hold to a firm erection is also related to your "over-masturbation", then the simplist thing for you to just do would be to reduce the occurrence of masturbation.