Butea superba effect

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butea-suberbaBefore moving further, first we will discuss in brief about the Butea Superba. It is an herbal plant that is found only in Thailand. It belongs to the family of Papilonaceae. The roots and stem of this herbal plant or herb are particularly found to be beneficial for enhancing sexual stamina and performance in men. It won’t be false to say that it is a great gift of nature for those who suffer from any types of problems in their sexual organs or sexual system. Now we will see what are the effects or benefits of this herb on the male sexual system and performance. Here are some of the key steps by which this herb acts on the male sexual system.

Effects of Butea Superba on male sexual system and organs

Stimulation of the brain- Upon consumption of this herb in the form of capsules or tablets, it starts acting on the brain. It stimulates the brain for sexual activity. It is done by the brain by organizing a flow of nerve signals that are passed on to the penis via spinal cord.

Production of cGMP- When the stimulus generated by the brain reaches the penis through spinal cord then the Cavernosal nerves release gas known as metric oxide. This gas penetrates rapidly into the smooth muscle cells that are responsible for forming the spongy tissue of the penis. The muscle cells of the penis are then stimulated by the nitric oxide to produce a substance known as cyclic guanine mono phosphate or cGMP in short. This substance is known for its relaxing and expansive effect.

Due to this effect, the arteries that feed the penis expand and at the same time the smooth muscle relaxes. As a result of this action, the tiny sacs in the erectile tissue open up so that the same may get filled with blood. Consequently, these tiny sacs swell.

Achievement of erection- Following this, the two main chambers of the penis called as corpus cavernosum fills with blood. Due to filling of the blood, there is puffiness in the organ or the penis. It is due to the reason that the veins carrying blood away from the penis are hardly pressed closed in opposition to the hard outer membrane of the erectile chambers. Ultimately, the erection is achieved.

In simple words, erection is achieved as a result of the relaxation of the muscle so that the corpora cavernosa may fill with excess of blood which is supplied to the same by the arteries. At the same time, it is also ensured that the veins that drain away the blood from the penis are blocked so that blood is not allowed to flow away from the penis. This in turn results in stimulation or excitement of the sex organ i.e. penis and hence erection is achieved automatically.

During this process, the arteries and veins break through the long, filled carities called as corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum that run along the length of the penis.weak-sexual-desirePremature-Ejaculation



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