Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is characterized by the inflammation of the bronchi and is frequently caused owing to damp and cold weather. It may too be caused due to smoking, hereditary factors, stuffy atmosphere and use of drugs.

Whatever the reason bronchitis is synonymous by means of serious coughing. The individual suffering as of bronchitis often goes through breathlessness, rise in temperature and defeat of appetite.

However, many simple remedies are obtainable for treatment of the disease and most of the ingredients are frequently found in use at homes.

Using onion

Onions contain been used as a remedy for bronchitis for centuries. The raw onion juice, taken one dollop every morning in an unfilled stomach is an excellent remedy for bronchitis.

Due to the expectorant properties and the excellence to liquefy the accumulated phlegm, onion serves as an outstanding treatment for Bronchitis.

Using turmeric powder

Turmeric too shows healing capabilities and is one of the majority used home remedies for bronchitis. One teaspoonful of turmeric powder be supposed to be mixed with a glass of milk should be taken thrice every day for effective results.

Using Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds too show excellent results next to bronchitis. One teaspoonful of sesame seeds should be mixed by means of equal amounts of honey and linseed and a pinch of common salt and administered at nighttime daily.

Otherwise, half a teaspoon of sesame seeds, powdered due to grinding, be supposed to be mixed with two teaspoonful of water and known twice every day. Alternately, a decoction made with sesame can too be given for effective results.

Using ginger

The powdered mixture made from equivalent amounts of ginger, black pepper and long pepper can too be used as a home remedy for bronchitis. This powder be supposed to be taken thrice daily for positive results.

Ginger may also be taken by means of honey or with tea.

The mixture of equivalent amounts of ginger, pepper and clove is believed to contain antipyretic capabilities and it helps diminish the passion that accompanies bronchitis.

Using Almond

Almond can too be used as an excellent home remedy for bronchitis and additional bronchial diseases. Take seven to eight kernels absent of the almonds and mix its powder with a cup of lemon or orange juice. This medicine can be taken at night on one occasion daily.

Using Chicory

Chicory can be used as an effectual remedy, especially in case of chronic bronchitis. Take half a teaspoonful of the crushed root of chicory and mix by means of one teaspoonful of honey.  This combination can be taken thrice every day and it is an ideal expectorant for the chronic disease.

Using Spinach

Spinach can too be used as a medicine for bronchitis treatment. Mix nearly fifty grams of fresh leaves of spinach by means of 250 ml of water and add a little quantity of ammonium chloride and a teaspoonful of honey. This can act as an well-organized expectorant in acute bronchitis treatment.

Using Adhatoda Vasica

Justicia adhatoda (Vasa) is a final remedy for bronchitis. Two teaspoonful of the juice of vasa can be taken twice daily for effectual results. It is an excellent expectorant and provides rapid relief in bronchitis.

Using Linseed

Linseed is too used as a poultice outwardly for treatment of Bronchitis. To prepare the poultice mix nearly 16 teaspoonful of linseed seeds with hot water in a required amount to convert it into a soft, moist mealy mass.

Apply this poultice carefully in excess of the chest and on back of the chest. Linseed acts as an expectorant by providing warmth to the chest and is obliging in diminishing the disease by releasing the muggy phlegm.

Apart from these home remedies the patient pain from bronchitis should also make up habit to correctly obey a healthy routine.

Fresh air and outdoor exercises help a lot; likewise there are various yoga asanas available which acts absolutely in case of bronchitis.The bronchitis patients may too take Epsom salt bath each alternate day to get quick relief from bronchitis. The application of hot towels can too provide satisfactory results in case of together acute and chronic bronchitis.

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