How To Massage Your Breasts To Make Them Bigger

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Massaging your breasts definitely helps in increasing the size of your breasts in a natural and risk-free manner. It is one of the most effective and safest modes of improving breast size. It is quite important to massage your breasts in an apt manner so as to improve their size and make them bigger. Here are some tips on how to massage your breasts to make them look bigger.

Start with gentle massage strokes– After undressing, you must start massaging your breasts gently with the help of three fingers. Use a safe and effective herbal formula, oil or cream in downward direction. Make sure that you don’t massage your nipples as these are quite sensitive and are prone to suffer from rashes or pimples.

Kneading the breasts- Following above step, you have to knead your breasts by holding the same with your hands and then kneading the same slightly one by one.

Twirling- Once kneading is done, twirl or rotate your breasts one by one first in clockwise and then in anti-clockwise direction.

Massaging with the palms- Now it is time to use your palms instead of fingers for the purpose of massaging. Massage both the breasts with the help of palms again in downward direction.

Then close your eyes to relax and allow the product used for massaging to completely absorb into the skin followed by taking a bath or shower.

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