Effects Of Over Masturbation

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Usual masturbation is acceptable but practicing it in excess is harmful and may lead to compilations. As such all are advised to refrain from excessive masturbating.

Following are the ill effects of over masturbation

  1. Excessive masturbation usually results in physiological and psychological imbalances.
  2. Practicing masturbation in repeated manners puts adverse effects on one’s sexual health. People in the habit of over masturbation suffer from pre-ejaculation and erection problems. It results in nightfall too.
  3. Those masturbating on daily basis suffer from cheeky face, general weakness, poor eye vision, premature graying of hair, loss of weight, constipation, fatigue, low libido and reduced appetite etc.
  4. Our nervous system also gets affected in adverse manners because of over masturbation. People doing so are seen suffering from depression, anxiety and loss of memory loss etc.
  5. Excessive masturbation may also affect the men’s sexual abilities in adverse manners. They may not be able to satisfy their sex-partners in full. Their penis may become weak and suffer from lack of excitement and strength.
  6. Semen may also be harmed because of over masturbation as regards the quality and quantity.

One should avoid this unusual activity that harms the physique and mental powers too.


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