Stherb Body Shape Gel, Natural Fat Burning Cream

– Activates the process of fat metabolism to eliminate fat deposits and troublesome skin
– Prevents unwanted fat storage
– Stimulates the synthesis of collagen with elastic fibers for skin firmness and tightness
– Reduces water detention and inflammatory conditions

Price : 1 Tube / $130

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Do you know what the definition of perfect body shape is? It is perhaps slim and fit body which is free of any excess fats, lipids or cellulites. It is full of flexibility and is completely active. Such type of body is the wish of every female in this world. It is because women can wear any types of dresses and accessories on such a body shape and size. But it is not possible to have proper body shape and especially in present day arena when lifestyle and eating habits of people have changed to great extent. It is because now people depend largely upon junk foods, processed and fried foods. At the same time, physical activity has also reduced to great extent due to deskbound jobs. Also tough competition and stressful lifestyle lead to obesity or excessive body weight. And this is definitely a matter of worry and especially for women. It is because beauty of women is mostly evaluated from their outer body shape.


Exercise and proper eating habits play an important role in reducing excess of weight and fats deposited on the body. But it takes lots of time following this method to reduce body weight. So what to do to get rid of excess body weight and that too without causing any harm to the body and its overall health. It is best possible by combining this method with the use of some safe and herbal formula that can help in removal of excess of fats from the body. Astonished if such a product is really there to help you out? Yes, it is true.

Stherb Body Shape Gel is there to cater to this need of millions of people who wish to reduce their body weight and get back in their original shape and size. It has been prepared from some of the most excellent herbs or other natural extracts that help in acting fast on the fat content in the body so as to get rid of the same in a safe and natural manner.

How is Stherb Body Shape Gel prepared?

Some of the major herbal ingredients contained in Stherb Body Shape Gel are Spiraea Ulmaria Flower Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Ivy extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, and Vitamin E Acetate. These are all beneficial and helpful in getting rid of excess of body weight.

Benefits of using Stherb Body Shape Gel

  • Stherb Body Shape Gel helps in stimulating and accelerating the process of fat metabolism in the body. It helps in burning of calories and fats at an accelerated rate so that the fats deposited in the deep layers of the skin in the form of cellulite may be eliminated from the body completely.
  • Apart from removal of already deposited fats in the body, Stherb Body Shape Gel helps in prevention of unwanted storage of further fats or cellulite in the body. It is due to increased blood circulation in the entire body.
  • Stherb Body Shape Gel is also helpful in reducing and preventing water retention in the body which in turn helps in reducing body size and weight considerably. It also helps in prevention of inflammatory conditions in the body which are also sometimes responsible for leading to excess of body weight and fat content.
  • Stherb Body Shape Gel is quite efficient in stimulation of collagen synthesis along with elastic fibers. This action helps in making skin tighter and firmer so as to give a perfect body shape to the user.
  • Flow of blood to the skin and the entire body is increased which helps in giving great look and shape to the skin and the body.
  • The skin is properly nourished with the help of nutrients supplied by Stherb Body Shape Gel to the skin cells and tissues. It helps in revitalizing and re-energizing the skin so as to give it a healthier and glowing look.
  • Stherb Body Shape Gel offers a smooth and soft touch to the skin. It helps in removal of all the impurities and toxins from the skin. This in turn gives a healthier and beautiful look to the entire body.
  • Stherb Body Shape Gel is rich in anti-cellulite properties that help in giving a slim and fit shape to the users. As a result, the concerned person starts looking slimmer automatically.
  • Any types of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin are removed quite effectively with the use of Stherb Body Shape Gel. It helps in fighting against the signs of ageing so that you may always look younger and fairer.

How to use Stherb Body Shape Gel?

You just have to massage the gel on the areas from where you wish to get rid of excess of fat content, in circular motion, till it gets completely absorbed into the skin. It is advisable to cover the affected skin areas with plastic wrap following application of this gel for around half an hour followed by washing with cold water. Repeat it twice in a day to have the most excellent results.

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