Restores & Tightens the Grip of Vagina St. Herb Lady Secret Serum 5 ml.

– Firms and tightens the vagina to be in shape naturally
– Increases secretion and contraction of vaginal channel
– Restores lubrication solving the problem of vaginal dryness




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Stherb Lady Secret Natural Vagina Tightening

Importance and necessity of sexual activity or what is commonly called as sex or physical activity in the life of human beings can’t be denied in any way.  It is true for both the genders i.e. men and women. At the same time, it is also a known and evident fact that it is the sexual or genital organs in men and women that gives sexual pleasure to the two partners. Since physical structures of men and women are different therefore the constitution of genital organs or sex organs in the two sexes are also different. The sexual activity or intercourse takes place amid penis of men and vagina of women.  It indicates towards good health and normal structure as well as functions of these important sexual organs.

Regrettably, large numbers of women suffer from the problem of loose vagina that may be triggered due to multiple reasons or factors. These may include advancing age, excessive indulgence in sexual activity, multiple sex partners or even some diseases or disorders associated with the sexual or reproductive organs and systems of women’s body.  Looseness of vagina in women interferes with the process of normal and maximum attainment of sexual pleasure on the part of both the partners. It is because women with loose vagina or sexual organs are not able to have a tight grip over the penis of their male partners.  Even it may not arouse both the partners appropriately for sexual activity and hence result in disappointment as far as attainment of sexual pleasure is concerned.

But there is no need to worry as there are certain products or medicines available in the markets that help in tightening the vagina of women in a totally safe way. One such product is available in the form of Stherb Lady Secret Natural Vagina Tightening serum. It is completely safe and reliable as no side-effects or harmful effects are caused or produced in the vagina of females. It even ensures total safety of the reproductive organs that are directly and deeply linked with the vagina. It helps in giving a tight vagina to women so that they may have same sexual pleasure with their partners during sexual activity as is attainable during first night.

How is Stherb Lady Secret Natural Vagina Tightening serum prepared?

Stherb Lady Secret Natural Vagina Tightening serum has been prepared from multiple herbs or herbal ingredients found in the nature. The chief herbal constituents of this herbal serum for vagina tightening and the relevant benefits are given below.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract-

It is one of the most important and chief active ingredients contained in this herbal serum that helps in offering protection to the vagina against damage caused due to destruction of the enzyme type-Matrix Metalloproteinase. This action helps in retaining natural tightness and firmness of the vagina.

Centella Asiatica-

It is rich in medicinal properties and also aids in nourishing the skin of the vagina in an apt manner. It helps in toning of the vaginal skin. At the same time, any types of bacterial infections in the vagina are prevented and cured automatically due to presence of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties contained in this herbal ingredient. The elasticity, hydration and firmness of the vaginal skin is retained and promoted naturally using this serum. It is due to stimulation of the formation or production of Collagen type III and IV with the help of this herbal constituent of natural serum. The major benefit of this active constituent of herbal serum is its suitability for all skin types.

Kegelia Afficana Extract-

It is another essential and active ingredient of this herbal serum that is a rich source of flavonoids and saponins. Both these are helpful in improving blood circulation to the brain and the vaginal area. It also retains natural skin moisture so that firmness and elasticity of the vaginal skin may be maintained.


It is a very good moisturizing and hydrating agent that starts acting on the skin immediately after application. This in turn makes the vagina tight in a natural way.

Hydro Gel-

It is again a very good hydrating and moisturizing agent that helps in absorption and retention of large amounts of water. This action is quite helpful in making skin of vagina smooth and supple. It is even apt for the most sensitive skin types.

Additionally, Stherb Lady Secret Natural Vagina Tightening serum offers below mentioned benefits.

  • The vagina is made firmer and tighter with the use of this serum. At the same time, its natural shape is also maintained.
  • Women suffering from the problem of dryness of vagina are able to get rid of this problem due to restoration of natural lubricating agents.
  • Unpleasant odor coming from vagina due to any reasons is also done away with using this ayurvedic serum.
  • The vaginal skin is made smooth for experience of better sensation.

How is Stherb Lady Secret Natural Vagina Tightening used?

Ladies or women who wish to have tighter vagina may apply 2-3 drops of this serum in their vagina twice in a day with the help of finger after thorough and proper cleansing of this organ.

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