St.herb Breast Mask 50 g

Beautiful Breasts Enhance a Healthy and Cleavage

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Stherb Breast Mask

Apart from using medicines, serums, creams or such other products for breast enlargement or breast enhancement, there are some other options as well that may help you to have desired shape and size of the breasts. Do you know that you can increase the size and outer appearance of your breasts with the help of some mild mask as well? It may sound to be somewhat strange but it is true.

Stherb Breast Mask is a mild mask that is just perfect for getting the desired shape and size of your breasts. You may have fair and youthful breasts with the help of this herbal mask available in the ayurvedic medicine world. It helps in increasing the size of your breasts as well as their overall outlook so that overall body personality may be improved in an alarming way. It even improves the youthful appearance of the breasts so as to make women look younger and attractive. It has been especially formulated keeping in mind the safety of the users so that no harm may be caused to the health of the breasts or the body in general.

Active constituents of Stherb Breast Mask

Stherb Breast Mask has been prepared from the most excellent and wonderful herbal ingredients found in the nature. These may include Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Disodium Edta, Tocopheryl Acetate, Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin etc. All these are completely organic in nature and hence don’t cause any harm to the body in any way.

Benefits of Stherb Breast Mask

  • Natural tissues inside the breasts that give a fuller and firmer look to the breasts are increased to considerable extent with the help of phytoestrogens present in Pueraria Mirifica Extract which is an active ingredient of Stherb Breast Mask. This action helps in improving breast size automatically.
  • The skin of breasts is made to radiate and at the same time, the youthful glow on the breast skin is improved to considerable extent with the help of Stherb Breast Mask.
  • Presence of abundance of Vitamin E in Stherb Breast Mask helps in slowing the damage caused to the breast skin due to UV radiations or other harmful radiations.
  • Stherb Breast Mask helps in nourishment of the breasts cells and tissues and also hydrates the skin of the breasts. It helps in retaining natural moisture and smoothness of the breast skin.
  • Any types of stretch marks on the breasts are cleared with the help of Stherb Breast Mask. It also helps in elimination of any types of impurities or toxins present on the breasts.
  • Skin complexion of breasts is also improved considerably using Stherb Breast Mask. It helps in offering a fairer and whiter glow to the breast skin.
  • Stherb Breast Mask is completely safe and doesn’t cause any harm to the breasts. It is in fact an easy and safe mode of increasing breast size.
  • Ageing of the cells of the breasts is delayed or stopped so that the youthful appearance of the breasts may be retained for longer time period.
  • Women suffering from the problem of loose, saggy or hanging breasts are also relieved of their condition with the regular use of Stherb Breast Mask. It helps in making breasts tighter and firmer.
  • Bustline of the breasts is also increased or improved to considerable extent with the help of Stherb Breast Mask. It offers a clear and visible cleavage to the breasts.  
  • The tired breast muscles are relaxed so as to make them look rejuvenated and re-energized at all the times.  And it is possible with the regular use of Stherb Breast Mask.
  • Dead or worn out skin cells from the breasts are removed which in turn paves the way for regeneration of new skin cells. This action helps in promoting overall health of breasts in a natural way.
  • The tissues inside the breasts are made tighter and firmer due to the reason that apt and proper nutrition is provided to them with the help of Stherb Breast Mask.


How to use Stherb Breast Mask?

Pueraria Mirifica

Women who wish to have tighter, fuller and fairer breasts are advised to use this herbal mask on their breasts at least three times in a week at bed time.  It must be applied evenly on the breasts by massaging with gentle hand. Make sure you apply the mask properly and massage the breasts thoroughly so that the ingredients contained in this mask may get absorbed or penetrated into the breasts completely. Continue with the massage for around 10-15 minutes and then leave the mask on your breasts for the whole night. If not possible to keep the mask applied for the whole night then you should wait for at least an hour or more for best results. Regular use of this mask helps in giving your breasts a feeling and appearance of fuller curves and cleavage.

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