Frequently Asked Questions about St.herb

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faqSt.herb is an herbal formulation meant for enlargement of women’s breasts. Prepared by mixing the organic ingredients in apt proportions, this medication helps to enlarge the breasts to their full potential.

The usual questions with their suitable answers are furnished below:

  • Description of St.herb and its contents – St.herb is the formulation that enlarges the women’s breasts to great extent. It contains Pueraria Mirifica that is greatly enriched with plant-based estrogen as compared to alfalfa or soy. Bora orellana flower and Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) flower are the other ingredients of this medication.
  • What is Pueraria Mirifica – Known by its other name, i.e. White Kwao Kreu; this herb grows mainly in North and West Thailand at high sea levels. It is enriched with phytoestrogens that are more in comparison with the ones in alfalfa or soy.
  • How St.herb is better than other natural supplements – Growth of breast needs phytoestrogens that are contained in large quantities in this formulation. St.herb is prepared by mixing the best form of Pueraria Mirifica out of its thirteen different varieties. Contents of Isoflavones in St.herb make it more usable.
  • Are there any side effects of St.herb – Rich contents of the natural components including premium grade Pueraria Mirifica, isoflavone and phytoestrogens do not put any adverse impacts upon the women. St.herb helps in improving skin tone and alleviating menopausal symptoms in a big way.
  • Is St.herb suggested for Menopausal women without risking ill effects of HRT – Yes, St.herb is the best alternative to HRT that is more prone to breast cancer. High concentration of plant-based estrogens in Pueraria Mirifica – the major ingredient of St.herb facilitates glowing skin, emotional well-being and attractive nails and hair to the users. Isoflavones, contained in Pueraria Mirifica in St.herb help to say NO to cancer in the menopausal women. Symptoms of PMS are also discouraged with St.herb.
  • Can weight be managed with St.herb without affecting breast-size: Use of St.herb helps to manage one’s weight with exercises etc without putting any adverse effect upon the size of the breasts.
  • What are the general benefits of St.herb – It helps in enlarging the breasts to full potential. They become firm with lengthening of the milk ducts. This formulation helps in developing mammary tissues,   ligaments and fatty tissues. Loss of skin tone can be prevented with St.herb that maintains collagen. Loose breasts are uplifted with St.herb that helps in hormonal balance and emotional well being.
  • For how long should St.herb be taken – Noticeable changes in the size of the breasts can be seen within one month of its use. Regular use of St.herb for about six months is recommended. It may be continued even for prolonged periods to enjoy glowing skin, attractive nails and hair. Ill effects of PMS and menopause may be got rid of with its continued use.
  • Does St.herb enjoy the FDA approval – Such an approval is not required for sale of the products (in USA) that contain plant-based estrogens. But rest assured about the purest form of components in St.herb that is GMP-certified. Strict checks are carried out at all levels to maintain its quality.
  • Is St.herb the best source of estrogens – Yes, St.herb contains the best estrogens as compared to other sources.
  • Should birth controls be stopped before switching over to St.herb – Yes you must stop taking birth control pills before starting St.herb as both of them contain estrogens but do not complement each other. Try some other method of birth control instead.
  • Recommended dosage of St.herb to achieve the desired results – Four caplets of St.herb on daily basis continuously for two weeks during the breast development stage is recommended for the women. The dosage may be reduced to two caplets in a day for another fifteen days. However intake of St.herb is suggested for a period of about six months for full growth of breasts.
  • Method of taking St.herb – As written above, four caplets of St.herb may be taken in the initial stages of breast development. It is recommended that one caplet of St.herb is taken after breakfast, followed by another after lunch and the third in the evening. The last, i.e. the fourth may be taken after dinner. Afterwards, they may be reduced to two, one after breakfast and the second after dinner.
  • How many caplets are needed for the menopausal women – The recommended dosage of caplets of St.herb is just two caplets to maintain healthy estrogen levels. It may be continued for about one month. Those suffering from sagging breasts may take four caplets a day. It will help in enjoying shiny hair, lower cholesterol and bone density too.
  • Does St.herb affect the menstrual cycle – No, most of the women do not experience any changes in the menstrual cycle. Early or delayed periods or spotting may occur in rare cases only.
  • Is St.herb safe for the women that suffered from hysterectomy– Yes it is quite safe. But the menopausal women must follow the recommended dosage of St.herb, particularly for them.
  • When St.herb should be avoided – Expectant and lactating women should avoid its use. Likewise those suffering from cancer of breast / uterus / ovaries must refrain from St.herb. It must be avoided while taking birth control pills. However it may be taken along with other contraception methods. Doctor may be consulted to take St.herb if the concerned women suffer from cramps and bleeding during menstruation.
  • Is St.herb suitable for males for growth of breasts: Yes, male-breasts can also be developed safely with St.herb.

Natural-looking and feminine breasts can be enjoyed with St.herb that is the best source of estrogen supplementation.


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