Exercises for Reducing Breast Size

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Round, beautiful, equal and reasonably sized breasts look quite attractive. However the oversized breasts because of obesity and high estrogen in the body cause arthritis, neck pain and breast cancer. Moreover, they look ugly too.

Women with larger breasts often opt for treatments including surgery. Following exercises can reduce the breasts size to great extent:

Stairs climbing – Doing this for about half an hour on daily basis reduces the fat from the entire body and the breasts too.

Jogging – This simple exercise helps to reduce the breasts size to great extent. Do it daily in the morning and evening.

Weight lifting – Lifting dumbbells of considerable weight for some time works wonders to say NO to extra fat in the breasts and make them shorter.

Push Ups – Quite simple. Lie down on the ground on your stomach, stretch the legs straight and feet close, place the palms on the ground and push the chest upwards. Remain in this position for some time and come down. Repeat the process a number of times and see wonderful changes in your enlarged breasts that lose fat.

Size of the breasts can be reduced with hip shifts, anterior front raises, shoulder shrugs, swimming, side raises, upright rows and other such physical activities that help to reduce extra fat.



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