Researches of Butea Superba

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butea-suberbaFor those who don’t know much about Butea Superba, it is an amazing or even you can say magical herb that helps in treatment as well as prevention of numerous health issues related to the sexual as well as reproductive life of men. Due to its efficiency in apt stimulation for sexual activity and arousal of men appropriately for this important and pleasurable activity, it is sometimes also referred to as herbal Viagra. Numerous researches have been conducted to confirm the efficiency of this herb. Some of the chief and important outcomes of these researches are as given below.

Nomenclature of the species- Numbers of varieties of this herbal plant have been found in its native place i.e. Thailand. It is due to the reason that this herbal plant has dispersed locale even in its own region. The researches in the relevant field have studied the cultivars and selected some of the most important species out of these for the purpose of commercialization. These species were named as Butea I and Butea II.

Chemical composition-There is numbers of chemical properties exhibited by this wonderful herb. It is all due to presence of certain chemicals in this herb that have close resemblance as well as relation with the chemicals found in the Pueraria Mirfica. At the same time, it is also true that some of the chemicals present in Butea Superba are different from those present in the Pueraria Mirfica.

Similarity with Viagra- It was also observed that the crude extract of the herb known as Butea  Superba exhibits reactions that are similar to the pill or tablet called as Viagra. This pill is used by males for apt sexual arousal and stimulation. The chemicals present in this herb exhibit vasodilatation effect which is also shown by the Viagra. At the same time, the chemicals present in this herb are so effective that these help in energizing the entire body. And it is done without over-stimulation of the muscular, cardiac or nervous system. It means this herb is totally safe and doesn’t cause any harm or side-effects to any of the systems of the body.

Safe to be used- As mentioned in the above point, Butea superba is completely safe to be used by anyone suffering from male sexual dysfunctions or disorders. Unlike other conventional medicines that are used for treatment and prevention of sex-related problems in men, Butea superba doesn’t lead to any side-effects on any of the body parts or organs.

Usable internally as well as externally- It is worth noting that Butea Superba herb can be used internally as well as externally or topically on the male sex organ i.e. penis. It offers same benefits or effects even when it is used internally or topically. It means it is equally effective as a tablet, pill or a capsule as well as in the form of a gel, serum or cream. At the same time, it is safe in both the ways of its use.

Above mentioned outcomes of Butea Superba research make it sure that it is a wonderful and effective product for male sexual system.



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