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St. Herb breast care products are known all over the world for their efficiency in the treatment and management of numerous issues related to the breasts of ladies. At the same time, other herbal products are also available so as to deal with sex-related or other problems faced by men as well as women as far as their sexual and reproductive organs and the systems are concerned. For ease and convenience of the users, these products are also made available via their online stores and the websites. The users have to follow certain shipping policies so as to get these products at their doorsteps. Have a look.


Website- The users have to access the website so as to order their products. It is really an easy and simple process that helps you to order as well as get their products in an easy and simple manner. There is a well-defined ordering, shipment and payment procedure so that you may get whatever you wish to. It helps in making your life quite easy and enjoyable as you can readily get and use the products.

Shipment- Almost all the orders that are ordered via debit and credit cards are shipped on the next business day when these are ordered.

Free shipment- All the products are shipped absolutely free of cost. It is applicable for all the countries. Therefore you can get your products totally free in any part of the world without paying anything extra.

Mode of payment- All the online orders are to be paid via credit card or PayPal. Credit cards that can be used for payment are American Express, VISA, Master card and Discover.

Waiting period- Although the products ordered via the online mode are delivered within specified time period however sometimes there is delay in the delivery of products due to some uncertain reasons. In this case, the customers have to wait for at least 25 days. It is owing to the international nature of these orders. Customers can get a tracking number for their orders from the company for USPS and EMS orders.

Contact details for order status and return of products– The customers can get current status of their orders as well as make requests for return or exchange of their products via e-mail

Important note- Under normal circumstances, StHerb takes full responsibility of the delivery of the products ordered via their online stores or websites. In case of some specific import policies, custom policies, customs duties or taxes applicable at particular places, the company is not liable for delay or problems in shipment or delivery of the products. Therefore it is the duty of the customers to have complete knowledge about the custom duties prevailing at their respective places.

At the same time, the term ‘free shipping’ applies to delivery of the products only till the specified country. Any additional costs or charges are to be incurred or paid by the customers themselves. Therefore it is advised that customers must first check and confirm the custom policies as well as import duties being applicable at their places.


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