Stherb History and Clinical Reports

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Introduction – St.herb Cosmetics International Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of St.herb Nano Breast Cream was established by Nicom Kamhangptiyuh in 1995. He found white Kwao Krua in his own farm in Thailand. This product was much advantageous for enlargement of women’s breasts. Rich contents and high density of Pueraria Mirifica’s chemical compounds in White Kwao Krua revealed through the tests encouraged Mr. Nicom to go ahead with systematic plantation of this product. He started extracting out Pueraria Mirifica on commercial basis for use in the cosmetics from 1997 onwards. The year 1998 saw the Tropical Herbal Product Co., Ltd that was established in Bangkok by Nicom. He got Pueraria Mirifica approved by the Food and Drugs Administration of Thailand under registration code G187/42 for Puereria Mirifica, and G202/42 for Butea superba.

Mr. Nicom got Tropical Herbal Product Co., Ltd registered with the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrances Association, i.e. CTFA as the first and the only supplier of Pueraria Mirifica Extract and Pueraria Mirifica Tuber Powder in 2002. The company has become much popular amongst its satisfied importers in countries including Australia, Brunei, China, Czech-Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Netherlands, New-Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan and United States of America. It has moved to its new office at Vipavadee Rangsit road apart from opening new branches in India and China. More manufacturing unis have since been established by the company in Malaysia and Singapore in 2003 while lab support is sought from France and Italy.

A new brand under the name St.herb Italy has since been launched by the company. Tropical Herbal Products are available by the company through internet. Those interested in joining hands with us for promotion of this product may do so through on-line or off-line systems.

Clinical Report – It may be noted that St.herb contains rich contents of Pueraria Mirifica that undergoes strict checks to maintain its quality matching with the world standards. The users are at zero risk as it does not put any side effects. Valuable services of Thailand’s famous universities are availed for a thorough research on St.herb as regards its use under different conditions. The product has been found to be safe and effective. Women undergoing childbirth, hysterectomies and breast-feeding are fully satisfied with St.herb that is the best alternative of breast-surgery. Millions of women across the world that use this herbal product have been able to enjoy enlarged breasts with its even use.

Tests – Positive effects have been reported by the women upon whom the tests have since been conducted as far as St.herb is concerned. Noticeable satisfaction to the tune of ninety four percent breast fitness and eighty eight percent in terms of breast enlargement has been reported by the users. Likewise ninety four percent of the cases have reported great improvement in respect of their skin and eighty eight percent have shown healthier hair with St.herb. The women that were made subjects of these tests were healthy and pre-menopausal.

It may be noted that problems like dry skin, hot flashes and anxiety also disappeared after making use of St.herb by the women that participated in the tests. The women that suffered from irregular periods or poor health also got great relief with St.herb, the wonderful product.



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