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"It is really with a immense pleasure to say that Pueraria Cream & Capsules have actually done wonders for my breast. Thank You by letting me know about this products and Breast care related necessary information, My friends, My husband and allover people around me have noticed the amazing results. Infact i am feeling that I am looking more attractive then ever before." Thanks Stherbb.com again for the prepairing so much wonderful products
"I'm very glad to tell you that I've started to see this amazing results. The results of using your product are enlargement in the breast size and also firmness in behavior too. It took intact some time but it really works. I'm at present taking the second months supply
This is really a great product, I would love to offer it to my friends and family. I have certainly used the breast enlargement caps. Now I am looking at buying wholesale, for resale
I was also very surprised when I felt a change in the tenseness of my breast than just after one week
Have been using the cream for more than 2 months and just start on the serum and mask. Taken 1 month of pills in May, will be starting the 2nd months' pill of tomorrow. Thus far, have experience firmness and more roundness shape . Feeling good. I have been very satisfied with the associated Customer Service and the prompt replies have been always very assuring. Thanks so much.
I recently finished the 2 starter kits You sent me. Results are promising ! Remember that I am a Transexual, and am concerned about the dosage for this amazing results. I took 2 capsules in the morning and then in night and used the cream and spray 2 times every now and then 3 times a day. Never any real tightening experience in my breasts, but do have small amount of total growth. Also a good amount of soreness to my nipples that after about an hour after being applied it here ..