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Tight Vagina

Tighten and Restore the Grip of VaginaAfter child birth, often the vagina becomes loose, especially, in case of a normal delivery. The walls of the vagina become loose after the child birth. As a result, a man will not enjoy sex to the fullest. The vagina also gets loose with the age.

However, with the help of new discoveries, it has now become easier for the women to tackle this problem, and make the vagina tight, as it was before the child birth. Various gels are available in the market for getting a tight vagina. One can also to resort to exercises to have a tight vagina.

Vaginal Tightening Gel

Various gels are available in the market for getting a tight vagina. These gels generally contain herbal ingredients. The gel is to be applied at the mouth of the vagina once in a day .The gel can not be taken orally, and it is not advisable to use the gel for teenage girls. It is advisable to consult your doctor before using the gels. In case you are allergic to certain ingredients in the gel, then you may get a burning sensation, or even rashes. Hence, before actually using any product, try with a little quantity and wait for a day to check if it is causing any reaction. The gels can be used during menopause as well.

Vaginal Tightening Exercises

Exercising regularly tones the body and maintains its flexibility. Like wise, if vaginal exercises are performed, then, the vagina will get toned and will regain its normal size and shape. These exercises have proved useful in getting a tight vagina after child birth.

One of the exercises useful in tightening the vagina is as follows:

Sit comfortably on the floor using a mat. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Do not breathe after exhaling. Tuck in your buttocks, squeeze in your stomach. Touch your chin to your chest. Count up to 10. Lift your chin up, and release the body and relax. Repeat 3 times in a day. This exercise provides flexibility and toning to the pelvic muscles and the vagina. Regular exercise will prevent any disease related to vagina.

Another exercise for a tight vagina is:

Sit comfortably on the floor on a mat. Exhale. Do not inhale. Squeeze your stomach inside and move the stomach vigorously. Do these movements as long as you can hold the breath.

These exercises should not be done during menstrual cycle and pregnancy. If the delivery was cesarean, then consult your doctor before beginning the exercise. In case of normal delivery, you can perform the exercise after 45 days. However, you can seek your doctor's advice in this regard.

Any one can do this exercise and benefit by getting a tight vagina, and also get protection from various diseases affecting vagina.

Various herbal remedies are available for tightening the vagina. A tight vagina helps in enjoying sexual pleasures to both the partners. So, depending upon your convenience, use either gel or do exercises and have a happy sexual life even after the child birth.


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